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Order Flow

We are excited to have you!

Here is how our process flows so you know what to expect.


There are two ways to work with us through our design service here or contact us. We have a great team here dedicated and ready to work with you.

Our minimum for screen printing is 25 pieces of the same artwork.
We don’t have a minimum for transfer, vinyl, or embroidery.


Once we get the first email from you our client account team will reach out to get all of the information needed to get your quote started.

The information they will be getting is as follows:
- Design service requested
- Quantity
- Size Breakdown
- Due Date
- Blank - shirt, hoodie, brand, color
- Artwork - you provide artwork, use graphics flow, need assistance with artwork,
- Color count and PMS colors
- Size and locations of artwork
- Final touches provided:
- Private Labels
- Fold+Bag+Tagging
- Hang Tags
- Sewn Tags

Virtual Sample Proofs

Artwork has been given to client account team members or created in-house or with graphics flow. The artwork team has created a virtual sample on blank approved and sizing approved. Within creating the virtual sample the artwork team will confirm or deny if the artwork is print-ready and confirm the color count for screen printing, stitch count for embroidery, and heat press information. The artwork department will also talk with client account members about any information needed for the blank chosen.

First Approval

Once the artwork team and client accounts team have finalized all artwork information and has been declared screen print ready your account manager will send it for approval. The artwork approval will confirm the artwork, colors chosen, size of artwork, and location of print.

Second Approval

Once your account manager has gotten the information they need they will get a quote started for you and send the quote over for quote approval.
The quote approval will confirm with the team that the blank listed is correct, the pricing you are okay with, setup pricing is looked over, the quantity and size breakdown is correct, all order information is correct, and the due date is correct


Once both approvals are received the invoice will be sent.
Lantern Ink requires full payment upfront when providing blanks.

Order Time

Once payment has been received Lantern Ink’s buyer will purchase blanks and work to get the blanks to the warehouse as soon as possible. Our buyers order from our vendors daily to ensure they arrive on time and accurately.


Once orders have arrived they are checked for accuracy. Is it the correct blank style, brand color, quantity breakdown, and quality control.


Once the order has been received fully and correct they are put on the schedule based on timeframe and due dates.

Final Touches

Once the production team has finished printing, embroidery, or heat pressing your order they will then move into any final touches you have selected.

Quality Control

Lantern Ink strives to have a high level of quality control from start to finish of your order. We have a strong eye as your order is being finished and fulfilled. We check the order to make sure when it arrives to you or when you pick it up it is exactly what you ordered and what you are expecting.

Pickup Shipment Freight Fulfillment

Once the order has passed the quality control we will send you a notification that your order is ready and ready for pick up. If you have chosen shipping we will ship once finished. We ship USPS, UPS, and Freight. Once shipped we will add to your invoice and send the shipping invoice after it has been picked up.


Ready to order more? We love a reorder! Email your account manager and they will get the order started for you. Please keep in mind that pricing is based on quantity and the blank price at the time of placing the order. Therefore, your pricing may change from the original order.

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